Applications of virtual and augmented reality to preschoolers’ distance learning (ARVEDI)

The research question is whether there are insurmountable barriers in the preschool years that only fade to disappear as learners grow older, or whether consistent and knowledgeable use of virtual and augmented reality can effectively compensate for the lack of interactivity between pupils and teachers, i.e., between remote users of the same virtual classroom, in a way that can be documented and thus can serve as a replicable and scalable example. The proposal aims to fill this knowledge gap and to accelerate the diffusion of AR/ VR technologies of which the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences is a regional and national leader, with a potential productive and employment impact in the education sector of great importance, also because of the support received from a structured approach to the creation and development of the market project, thanks to the contribution of a major Florentine digital communication agency, also a partner in the project. The project is co-funded by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 ACTION 1.1.5 – SUB ACTION a1.