Research project funded by INAIL. Research Activity Plan 2022/2024 BRiC Call titled “Modeling by Virtual Reality of an experimental project of training/education on occupational safety and health integrated with processes, referring to the work phase of “tipping of ornamental stone benches” and aimed at quarry workers.”

The project will conduct 4 VR virtual reality training courses related to four main stages of the open pit mining process:
1. Primary upstream cutting
2. Tipping banks
3. Squaring and Sectioning
4. Transportation by road
Each course includes diversified situations with varied contexts based on:
● methodologies – e.g., different methods of cutting or tipping;
● risk situations – e.g., presence of unstable masses, worn cutting tools, poorly configured cutting circuits, handling loads in confined spaces or poor support conditions;
● unforeseen events – e.g., presence of operators in maneuvering areas.
Subjective and interactive virtual reality simulations will allow for effective training in which those work activities most at risk (which cannot be reproduced in reality without exposing those receiving such training to the related risks) are reproduced in order to “emotionally train” those involved in good practice and safety procedures and to make them understand, thanks to this innovative methodology, what the actual risks are, their magnitude and behaviors to reduce them. Enterprise partner in the project is Franchi Umberto Marmi S.p.A. of Carrara (MS). The project involves the convening of biannual coordination and development meetings with INAIL’s internal U.O. DIT-Department of Technological Innovations and Safety of Plants, Products and Anthropic Settlements under the coordination of Eng. Antonella Pireddu.

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