Life Skills VR

Life Skills for Employment in COVID-19 Era through VR Innovation

The project supports young generation to develop key skills to prepare them for the future job market by providing a VR training programme for them to find out about themselves, what jobs require and develop key Life Skills for it. The proposed VR system will have a module to enable the youth to recognise their talents and abilities which then can be used to match future job requirements. The proposal targets primarily those in the tertiary system specifically those recently graduated. The idea is to inspire and prepare young people for success by removing anxiety to fail hence allowing young people to learn by discovery and by doing, taking risk which is managed to some degree by their teachers. By using Holland’s RAISEC criteria the vision is to give the young generation a chance to understand what areas they are inclined to succeed by determining if they are Doers (Realistic), Thinkers (Investigative), Creators (Artistic), Helpers (Social), Persuaders (Enterprising) or Organizers (Conventional). This together with opportunity to develop key life skills (Ziarati, 2020), such as i) developing and managing self, ii) working as a member of a team, iii) communicating effectively, iv) maintaining physical and mental fitness, v) applying technology, vi) managing time, vii) defining and solving problems and viii) design skills, they will have a greater chance of finding and keeping a job.