CESPRO Unifi Seminar

The trainer’s gym
The course, which is reserved for those who already hold the Occupational Health and Safety Trainer qualification pursuant to the I.D. of March 6, 2013, aims to go to illustrate topics not normally covered within the “basic” Training for Trainers courses and to work on some fundamental skills for a Trainer, training and reinforcing them through numerous exercises and practical cases.
New digital tools increasingly flank training, including training related to the world of occupational health and safety. If in just two years we have moved from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom, what else can the future hold? During the course we are going to discover a technology still unknown to most: Virtual Reality! We will discover how a virtual reality training experience is created and what potential these tools hold for us through an interactive, hands-on workshop. Guiding us through this immersive journey will be Alessandro Innocenti, Simone Barbagli and Luca Lusuardi of LabVR UNISI. All lectures of the course will be held in presence in Florence at the Morgagni Teaching Center of the University of Florence from April 20 to 22, 2023.



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