CO-design platform using Mixedreality for the LUXury Interiors sector

The project aims to develop a tool for the furniture sector / interiors that, through KETs, specifically supports the design phase and customer relations by allowing to streamline the relationships between companies / designers / end customers, to dialogue and co-design remotely verify solutions and changes in real time, to provide a customization pushed products and solutions, to integrate into a BIM system by talking with all the specialists of the project, in this perspective the primary location of the project within the application area ENTERPRISE 4.0
The project is therefore focused on the definition and development of ICT tools (co-design platform with the use of augmented reality and virtual reality – identified as enabling technologies Industry 4.0) for the virtualization of interior environments in targeted spaces for co-design on time with the involvement of the entire supply chain involved in the interior design, from the architectural firm, interior design, production companies involved, up to the user – end customer.

– SAVIO FIRMINO di Savio Guido & C., Via delle Fonti 10, 50018 Scandicci (FI)
– MARIONI SRL Via Giusti 199 Calenzano (FI)
– ADVANCED MEDIA TECHNOLOGY S.R.L. Via Maragliano 102/d Firenze
– PROGENIA SpA, Piazza Strozzi 1, Florence
– UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE – Department of Architecture (DIDA)
– UNIVERSITY OF SIENA – Department of Political and Cognitive Social Sciences