CESPRO Unifi Seminar

2042: the training of workers of the future – Virtual Reality applied to safety courses
What will be the evolution of occupational health and safety training? Let’s find out together Wednesday 8 June, in the classrooms of the University Didactic Complex in Viale Morgagni, 40 (Florence). The new digital tools are increasingly supporting training, including that relating to the world of health and safety at work. If in just two years we have gone from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom, what else can the future hold for us? During the course we will discover a technology still unknown to most: Virtual Reality! We will discover how a virtual reality training experience is born and what potential these tools reserve for us through an interactive and practical workshop. To guide us in this immersive journey will be Alessandro Innocenti, Simone Barbagli and Luca Lusuardi of LabVR UNISI.


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