Testing Colux

The testing and validation phase for Colux is approaching, a project funded under the POR FESR 2014-2020 framework and carried out by LabVR Unisi in collaboration with DIDA Unifi, CNR, diD and the partner companies Savio Firmino, Marioni, Progenia and AMT. Colux, CO-design platform using MixedReality for the LUXury interiors sector, uses VR and AR to build a system of co-design and use of furniture spaces conceived to support the collaboration between furniture manufacturers, designers, general contractors , real estate agencies and installers. As part of the project, LabVR is dealing with the design and development of AR and VR applications that make it possible for system actors to create and modify furniture projects linked to real spaces (AR app) or reconstructed in virtual (VR app) through the use of assets downloaded in runtime from a web platform, the interaction of multiple users in real time.


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